Cap d'Agde Nude Beach, France

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Cap d'Agde, France - Officially Recognised Nude Beach

Cap d'Agde Nude Beach
At Cap d'Agde (pronounced "Cap Dag") you can find nudity on a large scale in the world’s only naturist town which accommodates up to 40,000 people. It’s a smart international resort, complete with a naturist marina, and a mile of sandy nude beach. From Beziers, take the N112 east for 25km and once you get to Cap d'Agde just follow the signs to the "Quartier Naturiste". You have to pay to enter the village, although you can also access the beach by walking south from Marseillan Plage. Read the Official Cap d'Agde Info.

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  1. Cap d'Agde has something for everyone. The beach is 99% nudist with a wonderful mix of ages from babes-in-arms to the very old. It truly is a mecca for nudists and, as such, we recommend the nude beach & the quarter to any nudist/naturist who desires a truly "nudist community" experience. If you are "something more" than just a nudist, there are loads of possibilities to fulfill your fantasies or preferences. You are limited only by your imagination and willingness to experiment. Its all there for the taking, whatever you wish it to be and aren't afraid to experience. - Allnude[AL] (read the full report via this link to Allnude)

  2. It's amazing to see the variety of people at Cap D'Agde. Nudism in the US is dominated by adults, and often single males. But here at the Cap are thousands of people of all ages and gender. Most of the people there are either French or German. There are a few people from the UK and from the United States. Very little English is spoken at Cap. It helps to learn some French. The nude beach at Cap D'Agde is between 2-3 miles long. It's sparsely populated in mornings, and becomes increasingly packed as the day goes on. A great thing that I was not accostumed to was the long summer days in France. It gets dark roughly around 10pm, which means there are still plenty of people on the beach until around 7pm. Most everybody there on the beach is nude, with the exception of some youngsters and adolescents, and the occasional gawker strolling in from the textile beaches to the west of Cap. People with clothes do feel out of place, and are few and far between. But there usually was some kind of enforcement on the beaches of Cap, who would require adults to go nude on the beach. Unfortunately there was no such enforcement which deterred the occasional gawker from strolling onto the nude beach. Cap D'Agde is a special place b/c everyone is nude. Hopefully next year there will be stronger enforcement of the obligatory nudity rules. - Aaron, 2000 (read the full report via this link to NetNude)

  3. The nude beach is fantastic. It's 2 km long and very very wide of nice fine sand with quite shallow water. After walking out into the water about 50 - 60 feet I was in only to my waist and could still see my feet. The water was that clear. We started walking down the beach with hundreds maybe thousands of other naked folks doing just the same thing. We are walking, walking, walking surrounded by all these other Naturists but then we start noticing folks with bathing suits on. Not many but a few, but that few turns into more and more and pretty soon we notice more bathing suit clad than sun clad. Still some Naturist around, small groups walking, but I don't know. Did we blunder out of the Plage Naturiste? There were 4 older ladies walking nude on the beach just behind us so I asked if they spoke English and where did the Plage Naturiste end. One said she spoke a little English and by the way the Plage Naturiste ended back there! Then she said something in French about Voyeurs, all four laughed and they continued down the beach away from the sign. From the Textile side of the beach there is a small sign when you are about to enter the Plage Naturiste (Naturist beach) but from the Naturist side there is nothing, only the back of a small sign that we ignored. Interesting. - Robert Raiman (read full report here)

  4. Cap D'Agde - 2004. I have just returned from Cap D'Agde where I spent two weeks with my partner and wanted to give you all my views on the experience. I had been wanting to go to the Cap since I first heard about it many years ago and it was all in all an enjoyable experience but you need to be prepared that this is not your 'average' Naturist resort. The accommodation is spread between apartments and villas and there is also a large campsite area with log cabins and free ground for bringing your own camper van and/or tent. The apartments are split into three areas but all in all they essentially look the same, Port Ambonne, Port Nature and Heliopolis are all white, concrete, very dated looking constructions but all have large balconys though the apartments themselves are pretty small and basic... - NetNude

  5. The beach is great and 99%naturist, with families, couples and singles all having a great time -particularly the kids who loved building sand castles. I discovered why people use the section of the beach nearest the sea at lunch time when the sun is hottest when I walked over the soft sand at the rear of the beach to put something in a litter bin - yeeowch it was hot on bare feet and I quickly returned to the cooler bit of sand! The one problem with the beach occurred on Tuesday morning after applying suntan lotion rather liberally and it was a windy day. After an hour I had so much sand stuck to me that it was difficult to tell which was me and which was the beach! - Jon (read the full report and a couple of others here)


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