Ile du Levant Nude Beach, France

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Ile du Levant, France - Officially Recognised Nude Island

Ile du Levant Nude Beach
Ile du Levant, where nudism was first practised in France, can be reached by ferry from Le Lavandou. It seems that the whole island is officially nudist except for the port of Heliopolis and the military areas which are off limits anyway. The nude beach is called Les Grottes Plage and is 10 minutes walk along the quayside. Please note that cars are generally forbidden on this island so you will have to get around by bicycle or on foot. Check the ferry timetables here.

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  1. The Isle du Levante was where the French movement "naturisme" took hold in the 1930's. This was not naturism as we know it today, but rather a celebration of Nature, and involved camping without electricity and girls dancing in flowing robes, artists and Isadora Duncan types, all eventually daring to sunbathe wearing only "Le minimum" - which they are still inclined to wear today. - Susan Mayfield (guide to naturist beaches in France)

  2. One of the places I visited in France was Ile du Levant. A small island off the coast between Toulon and St. Tropez. It's a little off the beaten track, as you have to take a train to Toulon, then a bus to Le Lavendou and finally a boat across to the island. Once you're there, the amenities are basic, but the people are very friendly. They had their unwritten rules that total nudity wasn't preferred in the port area, on the main road, or in the village square, mainly not to offend the tourist who came to the island for it's beauty and not the naturism experience. However, this wasn't enforced, it just seemed to be one of those things you didn't do. Besides these areas, everywhere else on the island was clothing optional. - Terry Ridgway

  3. The Ile du Levant. That is an island in the Mediterranean just off the French Coast dedicated to Naturism, with the exception of the port area. It is not only legal to be nude but is protected by law. No photography without permission. You take the ferry from Hyeres to reach the island. It is a beautiful ride out. Once you reach the port and walk up the hill a little, you are in the domain of the nudists. You put your textiles in your backpack and put on your sun screen unless your are very tan. There are a number of hotels, condos and private homes as well as campsites on the island, but these are set among trees and bushes. You never feel more than a step away from nature. If you hike the well marked trails; the views are breathtaking. Along the way, say "Bon jour" to families, couples, singles, old and young. You can skinny dip in the blue Mediterranean and lay out on the rocks in the sun with the others to dry, then have lunch on a veranda overlooking the sea. - StuffedTiger

  4. I was somewhat disappointed in what the Ile du Levant had to offer. Apparently the nudist area was limited to a rocky path which led to a narrow and crowded semi-circle of a nude beach with rocky pools and then, leading on under the pines, to a steep and impassable cliff. What on earth was one to do with one's time? How was one to spend the next six hours in this confined area? Find a rocky perch to spread one's beach mat? Sunbathe? Read? I settled for reading and between times trekked a total of four times to the rocky entrance and back - in course of which I got my exercise and sunburn! I cooled off on the return ferry trip over a delightful blue sea, leaving behind a dazzling white wake and what purported to be a nudist paradise. I was just a little disappointed: it wasn't entirely, if at all, nudist and most of the people I had seen in Heliopolis were textiles. Moreover, much of the island was military property and barred to the public. The nudist plage itself was a narrow and rugged strip of coastline. - Stanley (full text here)

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