La Jenny Nude Beach, France

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La Jenny, France - Officially Recognised Nude Beach

La Jenny Nude Beach
The La Jenny naturist resort is next to one of the more remote nude beaches on France's Atlantic coast. In fact, it is possible to stroll (or cycle) naked for miles along the coastline in either direction! The resort, covering 300 acres, is set in pine woods and comprises only houses and bungalows - no tents or caravans are allowed. The resort and expansive beaches are situated 60km west of Bordeaux and 7km northwest of Lège-Cap-Ferret.

Map showing Roads from Bordeaux
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  1. My wife and I first visited La Jenny in the summer of 1997 at the urging of a naturist pen pal. Each year, we set off to walk the nude beach until we feel the need to turn around because our nudity seems out of place. Having walked well over an hour in either direction, we have yet to find that border as it seems that you could pretty much walk to Normandy without offending the natives. - PcFigaro (See full report on Net Nude )

  2. The nude beach is superb. Clean with fine golden sand. The beach is backed by 50ft high sand dunes. Most people cycle from the resort leaving the bike at the bottom of the dune and walk up the boardwalk and down to the beach. Might not be so good for the not so agile. The Atlantic breakers crash onto the beach and it is worth taking note of the forecast on the top of the dune. An area of the beach is supervised by lifeguards between 10am and 6pm. The ferocity of the waves can make the conditions difficult for non or weak swimmers. For good swimmers, invest in a body board for an unforgettable experience. - Ian (See full report on Net Nude )

  3. Andy Crawford reports on his trip to La Jenny in June 2000 HERE.

  4. See Ian's account of a trip to La Jenny in August 2001 HERE.


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