La Tremblade Nude Beach, France

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La Tremblade, France - Officially Recognised Nude Beach since 1977

La Tremblade Nude Beach
La Tremblade is at one end of La Cote Sauvage which covers the whole of the peninsula as far south as La Palmyre (see next section below). From La Tremblade travel north east on the D25 to Ronce Le Bains and then south through wooded areas where you will find ample parking and paths through the dunes to the nude beach. Beware the Atlantic swell which makes bathing hazardous. The nude area starts at the Pointe Espagnole and stretches 5km southwards. Click here for La Tremblade Tourist Information (in French).

Map of Coastline and estuary region
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Map showing Route to the Beaches


  1. La Tremblade and Saint Palais on the 'cote sauvage' have been authorised since 1977. Head for La Bouverie from La Tremblade and at St Palais, the 800 metres of beach between it and Mathes is naturist. - Heritage

  2. Another Detailed Report on La Tremblade - due to this EXCELLENT website being offline at the time of writing I have transcribed it from Google's cache: La Tremblade is getting close to what I consider to be the perfect naturist beach. It is large, clean and very unspoiled. The beach forms part of the 'Cote Sauvage' between La Palmyre and Mathes in the Foret de la Coubre.. It has been officially recognised since 1977. The official section is about a half kilometre but in practice, tends to spread much further. Parking is provided in the forest behind the beach at La Bouverie (map), This can get extremely busy at times, especially in August , and can mean parking along the road and having to walk some way . The beach itself is about a quarter of a mile walk through the forest from the most coastal part of the car park. You cannot miss the entrance as there is a steady stream of people going to and from the beach throughout the day in high season. Before starting the trip through the forest, there is large mobile snack bar serving all the treats and drinks you could want. Stock up to avoid a long hot walk back! Once through the forest there is a bike park just before the beach. Once over the dunes, past the lifeguard and first aid point (marked on the map) turn right and the naturist section becomes immediately obvious. For those who don't fancy walking any further there is plenty of room, especially at low tide, to spread out without much more effort. This is where most of the families and couples will be found But if you fancy more seclusion, walk further down the beach until the crowds thin out. This is the end of the beach where more single men will be found. The beach is backed by a fairly steep sand escarpment which naturists occupy from ground level to the top. Behind the dunes is the forest itself which it is possible to roam around naked with care - bear in mind you are now away from the official naturist area. Those who wish to go for a naturist stroll can do so as the beach extends a good kilometre and a half. Given the room, there is plenty of space for ball games, kite flying and all the space intensive activities that are not so possible at smaller beaches. For the hungry, clam collecting is also very much in evidence. Although the area gets very busy, especially in August, the sheer size of the coastline her ensures that the beach itself in no way feels crowded. This, and the beach at Ile D'Oleron, are the best in the area for those who wish to escape the crowds and organised beach activity and simply while away the day taking the sun and simply gazing as nature intended.

  3. The wilder side of France's seaside, that is the Atlantic coast as opposed to the Mediterranean coast, is epitomised on the côte Sauvage, also known as the ‘côte de Beauté’. A five-kilometre stretch of fine sand set amongst the 20 kilometres of La Palmyre’s rugged coastline, the côte Sauvage is raw and untamed. There is something intensely invigorating about the power of the crashing waves, offering a different experience from the calmer, more family orientated bay of Bonne Anse in the nearby resort centre. Overlooked only by a pretty lighthouse at pointe de la Coubre, the côte Sauvage is primarily a naturist beach. Following a steep climb over an impressive wall of sand dunes, you won’t be disappointed with what you find—an expanse of clean, unspoilt sand which retains all the qualities of nature, having successfully warded off mass tourism. - Katie Hall, June 2004


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