La Chiappa Nude Beach, Corsica

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La Chiappa, Corsica - Private Nude Beaches

La Chiappa Nude Beach
You must pay an admission fee to enter La Chiappa Vacation Village and access the private nude beaches. The village is situated on the Sartène Headland, a few kilometres east of Porto Vecchio, and has many facilities including a swimming pool and tennis school.

Road Map of Sartène Headland
Map showing roads from Piccovagia


  1. Excellent nude beach reports on Corsica can be found on Corsica en Naturisme (there is an English version if you click near the ).

  2. La chiappa is located in one of the most beautiful parts of this island. Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio (small towns near the resort) have both greats landscapes and are very crowded in the summer. There are good clubs and restaurants but don't expect to find something spicy in these small towns. They are regular towns but very crowded at this part of the year. Some people going to Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio are VIPs. This part of Corsica is known to have big houses for singers, actors, soccer players........ But I repeat if u want to stay nude, u must stay in "La Chiappa" or in some few beaches not very well known. Topless is admitted in every Corsican beach (and it's very common, from teen girls to grandmammas..) but nudism is reserved to some beaches or resorts. - Coccozella's Message Board

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