Linguizzetta Nude Beach, Corsica

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Linguizzetta, Corsica - Tolerated Nude Beach

Linguizzetta Nude Beach
The Linguizzetta region, about 55km south of Bastia on the east coast of Corsica, has one of the longest naturist beaches in Europe, measuring over 7km in length. The beach, which starts just north of Bravone, is composed of expanses of fine white sand and the sea is particularly clear and blue in this region. There are several nudist resorts adjacent to the nude beach including Piana Verde, Bagheera, Corsica Natura, Club Corsicana and Les Eucalyptus Camping.

Map showing Linguizzetta Region
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Map of Roads connecting to Bravone


  1. Excellent nude beach reports on Corsica can be found on Corsica en Naturisme (there is an English version if you click near the ).

  2. Detailed report on Piana Verde on P & C's Naturist Travel Page.

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