Riva Bella Nude Beach, Corsica

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Riva Bella Plage, Corsica - Unofficial Nude Beach

Riva Bella Nude Beach
The beautiful white sands of Riva Bella Plage begin approximately 3km south of Bravone. The nude beach has sunbeds and umbrellas for hire and there is also a bar and sailing school. The Riva Bella Naturist Resort has a wide variety of accommodation right on the beach, including apartments, bungalows and 'Bengali' tents.

Close Up View of Southern Part of Beach
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  1. Excellent nude beach reports on Corsica can be found on Corsica en Naturisme (there is an English version if you click near the ).

  2. Far from towns, a beautiful nude beach of fine sand, more than one kilometre long, immersed in the sunshine, in the clear waters, in the enlivening air, invites you to live, freely, with your family, and to fill up with energy in an attractive atmosphere, in the heart of a jealously preserved nature. In the sweet-smelling bush, the Riva Bella Centre Naturiste has 12 cottages, 75 traditionally constructed and refinedly comfortable bungalows, 170 camping areas with luxury sanitary facilities, and enables you to return to the authentic values of naturism. - www.campeggievillaggi.it

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