St Girons Plage Nude Beach, France

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St Girons Plage, France - Officially Recognised Nude Beach

St Girons Plage nude beach
St Girons Plage nude beach is at Arnaoutchot, between Bordeaux and Biarritz, on the Aquitaine coast. There is a naturist village here, with accommodation to rent and space for tents and caravans. For details visit

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  1. Last year we were in Arnauoutchot. It is a large resort, well designed, totally within pine forests. During the high season it is rather busy, with lots of Dutch people but they are not in the majority. The facilities can easily cope. There are eight ablution blocks, meticulously kept for example. Sites are not really big, usually well secluded. An attractive nude beach, (patrolled) borders on the grounds. Depending on your site it can be quite a walk, to the shops as well as the swimmingpools (of which one is covered). Cars stay on the site next to the tent, convenient but quite a nuisance. The grounds make a good impression in spite of its size. There are only a few clothed guests, some even in the sun. On the beach there are none. All kinds of little houses and tents are for hire. The surroundings are quiet. A boattrip on the Courant de Huchet, (3 kms away), a river entirely covered by a canopy of trees, is a must. - Louis

  2. We were at Arnaoutchot in 1996. It a rather large camping site with over 500 places, all in pinewoods, providing shelter and a nice scenery. In the high season it can be pretty busy, there a lot of Dutchmen though not a majority. The sanitary facilities are sufficient, with about 8 large complexes which are cleaned rigorously. The places cannot be considered really spacious but are sheltered and separated as much as possible. A fine large nude beach is directly bordering the site, it is guarded. Due to the size of the site the distance to the beach is quite variable, the entrance area is far from the sea but offers swimming pools, including a covered pool, and a shopping center. Cars remain near the tents or caravans, which is easy but also a nuisance because of the traffic. The site is a pleasant and sociable in character, despite its rather extreme size: in the peak of the season several thousands of people live together there. Only a small minority wears any clothes when it is a sunny day and at the beach nudity is general, as required. Several forms of accommodation are also for rent. The surroundings are quiet, an attraction that should not be missed is a boat trip on the nearby Courant d'Huchet (boats leaving from Leon), a small stream totally covered by trees in a jungle-like way. - Louis

  3. Arna is a large naturist site with extensive facilities and direct access to the nude beach. Even with 500 pitches, its layout in the form of a number of sections, each with its own character, make it quite relaxing and very natural. These sections amongst the trees and bushes of the Landes provide a variety of reasonably sized pitches, most with electricity, although the hilly terrain means that only a limited number are flat enough for motorcaravans. The centrally located amenities are extensive and of excellent quality. The site has the advantage of direct access to a large, sandy naturist beach, although access from some parts of the site may involve a walk of perhaps 600-700 m. - Alan Rogers

  4. We decided upon Arnaoutchot on the Atlantic coast located between Bordeaux and Birritz. That whole length of coast line is wild beach, sand dunes and pine forest. Arna is carved out of the forest just behind the beach and sand dunes. It has shops, restaurants, swimming pools, all nude. The camping area is large and split into smaller areas with most of the pitches being separated from each other by undergrowth and bushes. There is no shortage of wild life, in particular red squirels, woodpeckers, etc. The site is excellent, and the nude beach is magnificent. It is just mile after mile of wide wild fairly empty sandy beach together with the impressive Atlantic waves. The only problem with Arna is that the weather can be adversly influenced by the Atlantic and the nearby Pyrenees, so it gets more than its fair share of cloudy and wet days. - Peter


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